Artificial Intelligence

Swain Techs has successfully improved quality assurance software testing using Agile and DevOps methodologies. Agile focuses on development methodology and cultural alignment between business and IT. DevOps focuses on engineering and automation practices for development and operations and cultural alignment between the development and operations teams.

Working as a trusted partner, we have helped agencies identify and adopt DevOps industry best practices into how quality software is deployed into the enterprise. Our approach offers a clear path to sustained growth and success for agencies through continued Agile and DevOps practices, enhancement of continuous automation tools and delivery adoption, and the introduction of AI-enabled intelligent automation. To achieve this, we apply structured program management that helps guide customers through their transformation. Our technical teams implement efficient methods that result in improved software deliveries, without disrupting Government-mandated gate-check protocols. We blend an innovation-driven team with staff bringing expertise to increase value and reduce program risk in IT stabilization and modernization.

Continually improving on our current techniques, Swain Techs focuses on two key elements: First—identifying, tracing, and testing each requirement throughout the project. Second—defining, monitoring, and reporting the best metrics. Drawing from project value stream mapping and requirements, we identify metrics in function, program, product, and system areas, verify, and report through a dashboard interface using data visualization tools to filter results as stakeholders need for better collaboration.